Our mission

To take the fear out of cancer, and replace it with hope and strength!

We want to raise lots of money so we can fund promising and ground-breaking cancer research. Cancer shouldn’t be a potential death sentence, but something that can be cured. Or at least make it as manageable as, say, hay fever. Ambitious? Of course. But, hey – reach for the stars and you might land on the moon.

That’s why we created a massive donate button, a wonderful web shop with tools to support cancer patients and their relatives, and a stunning action page to help you turn your energy into cherries that will eventually contribute to curing cancer!

Our foundation

Cherries on Top was started by five friends, one of whom was diagnosed with cancer. We had two choices: rely on others to save our friend, or do everything within our power to raise funds that would help find a cure for cancer. We went for the second option, and that’s how Cherries on Top was born.

The five friends and board members are:

Erik van der Ven
Kees Vedder
Rémon Saaltink
Jany Veldstra
Eline Vera de Reus

None of us are compensated in any way for our participation. The board meets regularly to take necessary decisions, sharpen our strategy and deal with the various matters that come with the territory when you run a global foundation. If decisions are put to the vote, only a majority will suffice. All members have a single, equal vote. As a result, no individual can decide how Cherries on Top allocates its funds.

Our first-hand experience of a C-diagnosis gave us lots of new insights. One was that it can be tough to find the right words of encouragement in a situation that is so unpredictable. Cancer often triggers fear and sadness, whereas you actually want to build strength and hope. That’s what we aim to do.


of all donations go directly to funding cancer research.


of funds generated through fundraising actions go directly to funding cancer research.

Overhead costs, like maintaining and developing the Cherries on Top platform, are covered by hard work from many volunteers, wonderful partners and sponsors, and by the profits from our web shop. That’s something we are extremely proud of.


We’re able to keep our overhead costs extremely low because of wonderful sponsors who share the same vision as we do. With more fantastic support like this, we’ll continue to fund research aimed at taming cancer.

Thank you cherry much to each of them! Without these great companies we wouldn’t be anywhere near to having the scale of operation we currently do.


We're proud to collaborate with the foundations below to fund the most promising and groundbreaking cancer studies. They do all the nitty-gritty work of selecting, tracking, and evaluating projects that get funded by Cherries on Top. For more info about our previous and upcoming projects, click here.

ANBI (public benefit organisation) status

Cherries on Top is based in the Netherlands, and has been granted ANBI (public benefit organisation) status. This gives Dutch companies and donors tax benefits when they make a donation. You can find out more about the ANBI status here.