Our SEO Partner APC

29 Jan 2021

You know, starting an online platform with a cutting edge webshop to raise funds for groundbreaking cancer research is one thing. But to find yourself on the top Google search results and run effective Google Ad campaigns is another.

That’s why we needed a partner, and we couldn’t be happier to tell you that we’ve found the perfect partner in crime to help us ride the big waves on the interwebs. The company APC (Achterhoek Performance Center) takes care of our SEO and helps us create Google Ad Campaigns that get our donation button, act pages, and our webshop items in front of the right people.

To find a company that has so much in-house knowledge about things we’ve never heard of is something we are incredibly grateful for. But with APC, we experience an extraordinary personal click as well. We noticed the same dedication and motivation to optimize our search results and ad campaigns. They even managed to reach an optimization score of a 100% on our Google Ad Campaigns!

It’s like they took a seat in the middle of our foundation. They breathe and think the same as we do, and therefore we feel extra strengthened with having them in our team. Together with APC we’re doing all we can to raise as many funds to support cancer research as we can. Because we all know that one day, this disease will be finally curable for everyone. And we rather see that happen today than tomorrow.

Onwards upwards with APC! We’ll see you on Google!   

Partner of Cherries on Top - APC

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