Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

10 Jan 2021

With Cherries on Top, we collect money for groundbreaking research the whole year through. All supported studies can be found here under 'Current projects'


But every month, we create awareness campaigns for specific types of cancers. We follow the worldwide cancer awareness agenda as much as possible. So this month, January, we've designed a dedicated awareness campaign for Cervical Cancer. Our Facebook page turns in the colors of Cervical cancer. We post more about Cervical cancer on our social media pages, and our webshop offers new items dedicated to Cervical cancer. You can find some of the designs below, but visit our webshop if you'd like to see the complete Cervical Cancer Collection. Ow, and while you're there, feel free to take a peek at the other collections as well. We're adding new ones every month, so the list is getting longer and longer.


Thank you CHERRY much!

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