A quest for funding projects

12 May 2020

Alright, so money is being raised, how cool is that! Now to find the best destination for all that cash!  That turned out to be quite a quest. There are many research projects being done around the world, and of course we would like to finance each and every one of them, but that is (currently) not very effective. If only there was an established party with their very own selection committee who looks at the quality, feasibility and relevancy of a project.

But wait there is! We found the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) willing to provide us with a list of research projects that meet scientific standards, are feasible, and are apt to yield results. KWF has tons of experience and knowledge and we are thrilled to cooperate with these pro's! We hope for a productive future, involving lots of funds (remember, 100% of all donations will go directly to cancer research!) for lots of research projects!

KWF, collaborator of Cherries on Top