Twelve Inspiring Cancer Quotes

02 Jun 2021

Inspiring quotes are the flowers of the internet. They put things in a new perspective, are uplifting, soothing, or just simply funny. But when dealing with cancer, they can truly make your day. On days where things get dark, when you feel alone, confused, or down, it is how a few words can change your mood. Some choose to write them down on memos and stick them to a mirror. Others even go as far as tattooing them as reminders beneath their skin. We choose to share them every Wednesday on our Instagram and Facebook page and put some of our best ones in our webshop!

And what’s better than one inspiring quote? You guessed it, twelve inspiring quotes! We listed our most favorite ones from our wall and shop below. Enjoy and have an inspired day!

Dear Cancer, You Picked The Wrong Bitch

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