Nine Amazing Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost a Thing

26 Mar 2021

When someone close to you gets diagnosed with cancer, it might be hard to find the right words. But even more, the feeling of helplessness can be so overwhelming that it is hard to undertake anything at all. So here we have 9 Amazing Gift Ideas for you that won’t cost you a thing!

1. Cook them something tasty!

The one thing you don’t want to worry about when you receive a frightening diagnose like cancer is what kind of meal you should put on the table tonight. The time and energy it takes to go out buying groceries and cook a meal is something easy to do when you’re not in the situation of preparing yourself for an uncertain future or heavy treatment. So who can resist a killer homemade meal in that situation? It seems small, but a smile and relief is guaranteed!

2. Give the most valuable thing: time!

There’s hardly anything as important as spending time with the people you love. So make your gift a tea and conversation, a game night, or a walk in the park.

3. Write a ‘just in case’ letter.

Write a series of heartfelt letters to suit different occasions, and label them—“Read this when you’re feeling blue,” or “Read this when you have something to celebrate.” You’ll be there to send just the right message at just the right moment.

4. Create a fundraising event!

This is where Cherries on Top comes in super handy! On our website, you can create your own fundraising event. From washing dogs to a yard-sale, from rope pulling to a marathon, even growing your beard or nails. Almost anything can be done to collect money for cancer research. And the best thing is, you can do it for any cancer type! Check out our act page for more info! 

5. Handpicked flowers

If you have access to a garden, you can DIY a bouquet of lovely blooms. Tie them with a ribbon or a piece of twine, and you’re good to go.

6. Create a video tribute

Celebrate them by compiling photos and asking other family members and friends to share their favorite memories and feelings about your recipient. Edit it together, and you’ll have a priceless free gift for your loved one.

7. DIY trivia game

Can everyone remember the name of your little brother’s imaginary friend, or which college roommate had the peach-and-mint color scheme? Write up the Qs and As and have a fun get-together to see who wins bragging rights.

8. Be their sitter

Coupons good for free house-sitting, pet-sitting, or babysitting would likely be welcome by any gift recipient.

9. Set up a scavenger hunt

Great fun as a group gift, you can send your recipients around the house, around the block, or around town looking for a list of items or activities. (Bonus points if you use a theme, especially if it’s objects or places that are special to you—i.e., “Take a selfie in front of our first apartment building”).

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