Some serious sweat

17 Apr 2020
Lianne, Patrick en Gorana, three champions working at employment agency Balans in the Dutch city of Leiden, broke out some serious sweat during the Leiden marathon. They went above and beyond, they ran like heck and they made it to the finishline. That is a huge accomplishment in itself, but besides that, they also raised money. And a lot of it! All three of them were sponsored by family, friends and colleagues and they managed to raise the amount of €530. But the biggest surprise came when Erik Ester, the owner of Balans, tripled the amount to €1590,-!

It was truly heartwarming to see people push themselves so far to help others. Erik, Lianne, Patrick and Gorana, thank you guys so much for your efforts! The funds you raised are 1590 steps towards a cure for cancer!
Fundraising Balans - Cherries on Top